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Copper Clay Kit

Copper Clay Kit

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Copper Clay Kit

Everything you need to get started (except the kiln) You can use any kiln that can be programmed or you need a pyrometer. This is the smallest kit, only what you need to get going!  Contains the small vessel, enough coconut charcoal for 50+ firings and 100 grams of Art Clay Copper Clay and Contains Bronze Clay too!

Art Clay Copper only requires a 30 minute kiln firing time and does not require activated carbon or a firing pan.

Firing Schedule in carbon for no fire scale.

  1. Ramp Speed 4 (1500F/815C per hour) – For very thick pieces more than 2mm thick, slow that down to Ramp Speed 3 (1000F/538C per hour)
  2. Temperature 1800F/982C
  3. Hold 1.5 Hours
  4. Cool completely in carbon

Art Clay Copper can fired with a handheld torch. This clay shrinks a little under 10% during the firing process and requires a warm pickling solution after firing to remove residual firescale.


Art Clay Bronze must be fired in an activated carbon under reducing atmosphere using a programmable electric kiln.

  • Preparation : Put more than one inch of coconut shell activated carbon on the bottom of a metal container. Place the piece on the carbon, fill the container with the carbon more than 1 inch over the piece.
  • Ramp up : Make sure to place the box in far side of firing chamber in the cold kiln, ramp up to 820°C/1508°F using more than 20 mins of ramp up time.
  • Holding : Hold at 820°C/1508°F for 2hrs to fire.
  • Cooling : Turn off the kiln, and take out the metal box after cooling down to a room temperature.




3.5 x 5 cm

Care Instructions

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