Pendant by Marcia Glenn of Albuquerque. Bezel made from Fine silver bezel wire imbedded in PMC3. 2007

River of Gold By Brant Palley 2004 Made from Art Clay silver paper, Art clay Slow dry and AGS 24K gold Size is 2 3/4" X 2" wide.

Here is a small ceramic Vase 2 1/4" tall (previously bisqued to 1920F or Cone 04) painted with silver slip (halfway up) then glazed with Laguna's R-15 Dark Red and fired to 1700F for 10 Min. 

 I then took it out of the hot kiln and put it in a sauce pot filled with shredded paper and covered it with it's lid.

The silver changes the color of the raku glaze. The silver was not perfectly smooth, don't try sanding it or the bisque shows through.

Both Sides Now" Keum-bo Lorrene J. Davis, LJDavis Designs.

Cross by Brant Palley Made with Art Clay Slow Dry Fired to 1600F for 10 minutes, lightly treated with liver of Sulphur which gave it a gold cast. Tumbled for 1 hour with steel shot. The center stone is a synthetic sapphire.

Lilies by Shahasp Valentine. © 2000 Shahasp Designs, San Francisco

Pin designed by Jackie Truty from the Art Clay Certification class. Setting and pin back are fine silver- fired in place. Pearl is glued to a fine silver wire after firing. The mirror finish is achieved by sanding with the 3M sanding sheets. 10g Art Clay Silver. BP

This was made of PMC Original in the first PMC Certification class. 35% shrinkage helped miniaturize the basket!

Ring made from pressing clay in the top of a scotch bottle lid. Aberlour Scotch i think.

Ring decorated by squirting on slip with the syringe, let it dry leather hard and press raised areas flat with your finger.

"Sunspots" Earring made very quickly, with gold accents 

This Mania was copied in a silicone mold from a broken piece made of bone. With ruby eye

BronzClay Example

Bead by Shirley

Copper Clay Koi (stolen from NMCLAY unfortunately)