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Art Clay Copper 50 Grams

Art Clay Copper 50 Grams

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Art Clay Copper Clay 50 Grams

Art Clay Copper is 100% copper.

You can work and fire it just like normal silver clay. Fire in a kiln for 30 minutes at 1778° F (970 °C) and you don’t need to use any activated carbon or firing pans to sinter your piece. This formula can also be fired with a torch.
This formula was developed to be compatible with Art Clay silver clay to create pieces with the Mokume technique resulting in genuine pieces of art.

Art Clay Copper 50g This is the newest addition to the Art Clay line of metal clay products. Art Clay Copper only requires a 30 minute kiln firing time and does not require activated carbon or a firing pan. This clay is perfect for use with the Paragon SC-2 kiln! The clay shrinks a little under 10% during the firing process. Best to fire with a torch and quench immediately.

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Art Clay Copper is a clay material to make a wide range of pieces such as jewelry, craft designs, and objects like sculptures and models. Art Clay Copper can be fired in an electric kiln with or without using carbon, with the resulting fired piece being more than 99.5% pure Copper. (The percentage of copper in the clay state is 90%.)

Shrinkage: Approx.10%

Firing schedule: 30 mins./970Deg. C

Available package:50g(2 pieces of 25g)

Material form: Lump in aluminum package





3.5 x 5 cm

Care Instructions

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