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Art Clay Silver Paste 20 grams

Art Clay Silver Paste 20 grams

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Art Clay Silver 20g Paste
Can be used to combine unfired pieces, fill cracks, as well as other techniques.

Used to coat or paint organic materials such as leaves, twigs, or paper forms. During the firing process, the organic material burns away leaving fine detail captured in silver. May be fired from 1200ºF to 1600ºF.  Fire as low as 1200°F. Can also be fired with a butane torch or gas stovetop. During firing this clay shrinks between 8-9%

The amount of water portion in the mixture of Paste Type is 2% higher than Clay Type. It is used to glue dried pieces together, dried pieces and fired pieces and fired pieces together. Also fired pieces and pure silver findings. When applied in separate layers onto organic forms such as leaves, dried flowers, paper-origami, etc, Paste type creates a perfect impression of the form. This also helps to fill in the gap and crack.

Silver ratio before firing: 90% (Rest of 10% is Binder and Water)

Silver purity after firing: Over 99.96%

Shrinkage: Approx. 8-9% (in length)

Available package:10g, 20g

Material form: Paste in plastic bottle





3.5 x 5 cm

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