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Art Clay Silver Paper Long

Art Clay Silver Paper Long

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Long art clay paper  15 grams

Discover the fabulous silver paper clay from Art Clay. Its consistency is of a heavy, flexible silver paper. It can be easily folded and it is ideal for quilling techniques, weaving, origami, decoration and making mini bezels.
No need to dry, the paper is already dry and it’s not sticky at all.

Specifications:  ???cm x 8cm (about 3″ x  3″), thickness 0.25mm


Even though this paper type is still silver Art Clay, the Paper Type has different characteristics, and needs to be worked slightly different:
-Do not apply any additional moisture onto the surface when you work with the paper, as that can cause it to disintegrate. It will remain soft and supple while you work with it. Repair any cracks after firing with Art Clay Overlay Paste. Using Art Clay Silver Paste on unfired paper can cause it to crumble due to the moisture in the paste.

-Store unused Paper Type in a grip-seal bag and keep in an airtight container at room temperature.

-There is no need to dry this paper type of clay before firing, so don’t use a drying device of any type, as this will make the material brittle.

This type of clay has a shrinkage rate of 8-9%, so bear this in mind when measuring out your design.

When quilled Paper Clay is fired, the circular design will expand. To avoid expansion, wrap the piece carefully with some soft fiber cloth, or with double side adhesive tape before firing.

Always fire in an electric kiln from room temperature.

*Do not add water or paste before firing*
*No drying is needed*


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3.5 x 5 cm

Care Instructions

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