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Art Clay Silver Clay

Art Clay Silver Clay

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.999 Fine Silver Clay

Art Clay Silver is clay made of pure silver particles with some water and added binder. After firing the clay transforms to pure silver metal .999 pure. Art Clay Silver can be fired in a kiln, with a torch or even on a gas stove. Silver-Clay then needs to be polished, easily done by hand.

Fire as low as 1200°F! Great for use with glass and sterling silver. Resealable mylar packaging. Can also be fired with a butane torch or gas stovetop. During firing this clay shrinks between 8-9%.

This formula gives the artist longer working time than the previous formulas. It has similar drying times and only shrinks 8-9%. It’s easy to carve and file during the drying stage. Fires at a minimum of 1200° F (650° C) on a kiln and can also be fire with a butane torch or gas stove.

50 Gram package is +10% so 55 grams of silver!




3.5 x 5 cm

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