Speedfire Super Mini Kiln for Metal Clay

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Speedfire Super Mini Kiln for Metal Clay

Fires in less than 15 minutes! The SpeedFire SuperMini is ideal for fast firing and economical firing. This compact device is ideal for firing all low fire metal clay without fear of melting the projects. The SpeedFire SuperMini Kit comes complete with the SpeedFire SuperMini, stainless steel firing mesh, heavy duty stand, firing base and curved tweezers for handling fired pieces.

  • Fires in less than 15 minutes
  • Fires up to 40 grams of metal clay 7 cards thick
  • Portable - less than 2 pounds and 4" tall
  • Fires to 1550 F - safe against melting a creation
  • Firing area is about 2.5" square which is about 6 square inches
  • Full Tank firing time on high - about 30 minutes
  • Fuel consumption on high - 1 gram per minute
  • Uses standard Ronson and other brands of lighter fuel generally available
  • Firing cost is about 50 cents
  • Ideal for boiling PickleIt pickling blend

Tools for Metal Clay

Tools are divided into: tools to use with the clay, and then, tools to deal with the metal after firing.

You can use any tools you have for pottery or polymer clay as long as they are clean.


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