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Taxidermy Clay


Taxidermy Clay self hardening with fiber.

Introducing a new Clay from New Mexico Clay! Taxidermy

Taxidermy Clay is great for models over an armature,  sculpt it, even 2 inches thick it will not crack. Dries hard, paintable. Not-toxic and not water proof.

This clay works great for assembled sculpture, make all the parts and let them dry, all the way, then paint a slip (made of Taxidermy Clay) on both surfaces to be joined. Roll out a thin coil of Taxidermy Clay (to act as denture cream) Paint all surfaces including the coil press together and hold. Our fiber doesn't rot.

Taxidermist sculpt the muscles, eye sockets, ear bases out of this clay. Smearing the clay on a foam armature that approximates the animal whose skin they have. Then they pull the skin over the armature for a lifelike natural look.

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  • Taxidermy Clay self hardening with fiber.