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Silver PMC+ Plus Clay 25 Grams

0.1 Lbs.

PMC + 25 grams

Work, roll, cut, shape and fire versatile PMC® just like any other type of clay. After firing, it comes out of your oven as a pure fine-silver object. Create jewelry, beads, components—anything you can do with clay, you can do with PMC!

PMC+™ shrinks less and has a stronger molecular bond than original formula PMC®. It fires at a lower temperature, allowing you to combine sterling findings with your PMC+ before firing. PMC+ is suitable for torch-firing as well as kiln-firing.

This package contains 25g of fine silver. 27.8 grams of clay


  • Size : 25 grams
  • Brand : PMC+
  • Form : Clay
  • Country of origin : Japan

Additional Specifications:

  • Composition: Metal powder (90%), water and organic binder (10%)
    Color: Pickle white
    Shrinkage: 12%
    Physical Properties:
    • Firing temperature: 1,650°F (899°C) for two hours to achieve highest hardness and maximum durability; or 1,470°F (800°C) for 30 minutes; or 1,560°F (850°C) for 20 minutes; or 1,650°F (900°C) for 10 minutes.
    • Melting point: 1,762°F (960°C)
    • Density after firing: 9.15 S.G. (rolled silver = 10.5 S.G.)

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  • INFO
  • Silver PMC+ Clay 25g
    PMC+ fires harder and shrinks less than Original PMC. It is a little less plastic to work with but more plastic than PMC3. PMC+ shrinks 12%, fires .999 pure silver. 28 grams of silver after firing.