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Precious Metal Clay PMC

Silver Tools Kit /8

$18.50 Each Kit
0.5 Lbs.

Precious Metal Clay PMC

Precious Metal Clay

PMC Silver Clay is a combination of water, binders, and small particles of either silver or gold. It is molded by hand into a desired shape then heated in a kiln or torch to remove the binder and fuse the metal powder into a solid form. 

The final product retains all the marks of the maker, transformed into a precious and durable object. 

Precious Metal Clays are clay-like materials that shape easily, then amazingly fire into a pure metal object! PMC can be formed and worked just as you would clay, shrinkage (8-12%). All types are perfect for creating sized designs, such as rings and earrings. They fire at a low temperature in a short time! Allowing firing with a propane torch, or even on the gas stove top.

PMC will not be in production after March 2023