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Silver PMC3 Clay 50 Grams LARGE

0.15 Lbs.

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Silver Tools Kit /8

$18.50 Each Kit
0.5 Lbs.

PMC3 Brand Silver-Clay

PMC3 is the most popular type of Silver-Clay, it fires the lowest and is easy to work with. It is available as a Slip and in a syringe.

Precious Metal Clay to choose

Clay Type-The standard product of Precious metal clay. Most of molding work is done with this type. Shape and mold the clay just as you would work with ceramic clay. PMC3 shrinks 11%, fires .999 pure silver.
Firing temperature is significantly lower than the other versions.
PMC3 can be fired at three time/temp settings:

  • 10 minutes at 1290 F (700 C)
  • 20 minutes at 1200 F (650 C)
  • 30 minutes at 1110 F (600 C.)

Paste Type (PMC3) Glue unfired PMC pieces together.Fill in cracks of unfired Draw patterns.pieces.Paint directly onto leaves, paper, etc. using the “rubbed transfer” technique.
Syringe Type (PMC3) Create fine detail by applying the
silver through the syringe tip