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Grate Steel to Fire SilverClay 6" Square

0.3 Lbs.

Grate Steel to Fire Silver-Clay 6" Square

  • Grating for gas stove top firing of PMC3 and Art clay 650. 
  • Includes complete instructions. 
  • Easy way to fire small items in 15 minutes.
  • Great for torch firing

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  • INFO
  • Directions for Gas Stove Top Firing

    1. Position a stainless steel mesh over the gas burner, turn on the burner and note where the mesh glows red the brightest, that's where you will put your small dry piece.

    2. Turn off the burner and place the PMC3 or Art Clay 650 piece on that spot that glowed the brightest.

    3. Turn on the burner LOW and watch for the binder burning out (smoke).

    4. When the smoking stops turn up the burner until the silver clay turns red (turn off the lights to see it better).

    5. Set the stove's timer for 10 minutes.

    6. Be Careful the mesh and silver is HOT! Cool as normal.
    Make sure the silver clay is as dry as possible. Don't try this with very large thick pieces or large stones. If the silver clay glows bright orange turn the stove down.