Gold PMC Clay 3 gram 22K 11% shrinkage


GOLD-Using PMC Gold

This 22 karat material is an alloy of 91.7% gold and 8.3% silver, refined into microscopic particles that fuse at relatively low temperatures. This unique combination provides rich yellow color and unusual strength. PMC Gold can be used alone, or as a decorative element on silver items.
Consider these possibilities:

  • Co-fire silver and gold PMC side by side.
  • Layer silver and gold to make precious metal wood grain patterns
  • Solder or fuse PMC Gold elements to fabricatedand cast items

As with silver PMC, you can rehydrate with clean water,and make your own slip from sanding dust. Because Gold PMC has the working properties of PMC3, we suggest that newcomers test ideas in that material.

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  • Working with PMC Gold

    Artists who have used other versions of PMC before will find that the gold is slightly denser. This will make it feel a little stiffer, and explains why it will take longer for water to penetrate. Before using, knead the material while it is still in its plastic wrapping to loosen the structure. Add small amounts of water to compensate for drying during working, but be conservative. Seal unused material to retain moisture. Use wood, plastic, rubber, andsteel tools. Finishing is done just like any precious metal, including abrasives, tumbling, hand burnishing, and polishing compounds. PMC Gold can be soldered with any gold solder below 22 karat.

    Firing PMC Gold

    As with other metal clays, allow the work to dry, preferably overnight. Drying may be hastened with moderate heat. The recommended firing apparatus is a programmable electric kiln, which provides dependable control.

    • Schedule A: 900 C (1650 F) at least 10 minutes
    • Schedule B: 850 C (1560 F) at least 30 minutes
    • Schedule C: 750 C (1380 F) at least 60 minutes
    • Schedule D: 700 C (1290 F) at least 90 minutes

    Torch Firing
    It is also possible to fire PMC Gold with any jewelers torch. Dry completely, set work on a soldering pad, and bring to a red glow. Hold at this temperature for at least two minutes.