Firing Container Accent Silver+ Carbon

Firing Container Accent Silver+ Carbon
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  • Firing Container for Accent Silver 1250F MAX! Includes 125 g of carbon. It is 5" in diameter and 7/8" deep and comes with enough coconut carbon to completely fill the container.

    Firing Container Instructions

    This firing container (lid and bottom) is coated with a layer of   varnish for corrosion protection.  You should burn off the varnish by heating the lid and bottom to 900-1000F for a few minutes in a kiln, or burn it off by holding each piece with tongs or pliers and heating them individually with a torch (below red heat) until no more smoke appears. The smoke is not particularly toxic in the small amount that is released; nevertheless, you should do the heating with good ventilation indoors, or else heat it outdoors, and do not breathe the smoke.  Use good safety practices at all times!

    Heating the container to remove the varnish will discolor it to a gray-black.  This mild oxidation is normal and not detrimental.  This container should last for very many firings without noticeable degradation at firing temperatures of 1250F and below.

    The firing container is shipped with activated carbon.  Follow the instructions that are packaged with Accent Silver™ for using these items.