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Art Clay Silver Paper


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Art Clay Silver Paper

Art Clay Silver Paper Type 10g. Approximately 3"x3". Fold it, pleat it, or punch out shapes for applique  Unique paper-thin sheet of silver clay that needs no drying time. When used alone, requires kiln firing at 1472 F. for 30 minutes.

  • Pieces created only of paper type must be kiln fired. Firing by gas torch or stovetop may cause melting.
  • Used as an applique, pieces can be fired using a gas stovetop, butane torch, or kiln.
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  • Paper Type Square 10gm

    Discover the fabulous silver paper clay from Art Clay. Its consistency is of a heavy, flexible silver paper. It can be easily folded and it is ideal for quilling techniques, weaving, origami, decoration and making mini bezels.

    No need to dry, the paper is already dry and it’s not sticky at all.

    Specifications: 8cm x 8cm (about 3″ x  3″), thickness 0.25mm